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though. The Titans plan on using a variety of run schemes

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18 de Mayo 2011

5 things you missed in NFL preseason while watching the Olympics

You may not have noticed while getting caught up in the Olympics over the last three weeks, but we already halfway through NFL preseason. Here are the big developments you have missed while focused on the festivities in Rio Dak Prescott has looked like the best quarterback in the league

Yeah, we know it just preseason, but Prescott isn just putting up numbers against backups who will never see the field in the regular season. He actually looks the part while doing so. He been calm in the pocket, willing to go through his progressions and supremely accurate on throws all over the field.

Of course none of this matters, because the Cowboys already have superior quarterback in Tony Romo. But, at the very least, we shouldn see a repeat of last year disaster if (or when) Romo goes down with an injury.

Prescott will get a nice little test when the Cowboys travel to Seattle on Thursday to take on one of the league best defenses.

2. The defending Super Bowl champs still don know who will start at QB

After two preseason games, the Broncos quarterback situation is not any clearer. The bet to win the job, Mark Sanchez, hasn been very good. Trevor Siemian looked to be running away with the job before throwing a woeful interception that was returned for a score. Paxton Lynch has impressed in mop up duty and Gary Kubiak says he has a chance to start Week 1, but we won classify him as a serious contender until Denver gives him a chance to run with first team.

Based on the two preseason games, Siemian has to be considered the favorite to start the opener against Carolina.

3. Jadeveon Clowney looks really, really good

Everyone is so anxious to write Clowney off as a bust, but the dude has been a game wrecker whenever he steps foot on the field. He put on a show Saturday night against New Orleans, treating the Saints offensive line like a bunch of tackling dummies.

Injury gods, please let Clowney stay healthy for a 16 game season. I don ask for much.

4. Smashmouth is a thing the Titans are doing and it looks promising

The Titans are trying to build a run first offense around Marcus Mariota, and their moves in the offseason have pushed them toward that goal. They traded for DeMarco Murray, used their first round pick on mauling tackle Jack Conklin and selected Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry in the second round.

Coach Mike Mularky promised this scheme wouldn be your traditional three yards and a cloud of dust attack, though. The Titans plan on using a variety of run schemes, including some that feature Martiota, putting the in smashmouth. new look offense made quite the first impression in Week 1 of the preseason. Tennessee racked up over 300 yards on the ground in an impressive display against the Chargers. It wasn so effective against Carolina in Week 2, but still solid.

5. The Patriots will be just fine with Jimmy Garoppolo starting

Garoppolo has gotten off to slow starts in both of his preseason starts. He been a statue in the pocket, held the ball too long and struggled with his accuracy early in games. But in both outings, he settled into the game after a few drives, looking much more poised and capable of leading the Patriots offense while Tom Brady serves a four game suspension.

The slow starts aren really surprising considering Garoppolo lack of experience. New England should seriously consider keeping Brady on the shelf for the entire preseason while the Pats quarterback of the future learns how to start games more effectively.

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